EBIMEX Clippers

Hello and welcome at the homepage of Ebimex. Ebimex is the exclusive importer of the high quality clippers and accessories of Thrive® made in Japan, as well as wholesaler and retailer of the German clippers AESCULAP® and the American clippers andis®.



Wholesaler, reparation and service

EBIMEX is the exclusive importer of THRIVE® clippers and accessories for more than 25 years, as well as wholesaler and retailer for AESCULAP® and andis® clippers.

THRIVE® clippers and accessoires are sold exclusively in Germany and in multiple EC states.

The clippers of AESCULAP® and andis@ are sold exclusively in Germany.



Mail & Phone

Do you need any assistance regarding our products or are you interested in the price list for reseller?

Do not hesitate to contact us! For inquiries regarding reseller prices, please send a letter, which legitimates your business.

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