Wholesaler, Service & Reparation

For more than 40 years is Ebimex selling THRIVE hair and animal clippers of the ​leading japanese producer DAITO exclusively in Germany and in multiple EC countries.​Additionally, hair and animal clippers of the German brand AESCULAP®​​ and the American brand andis@​ are sold, too.

The product range covers multiple machines for almost all purposes, starting from small battery machines to resilient mains machines. All clippers can be used perfectly for hairdresser, the shear of small animals, especially for dogs, as well as for vets.

Usually, all machines are on stock and can be shipped immediately.

Reparation & Service

For shaving heads the proper polish

You can repair and polish your shaving heads at EBIMEX. For many years already, we offer this reparation and maintenance service.

Are there any further questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Your reparation shipment has to be franked.

Unfranked shipments are not accepted.


Do you have any questions concerning our service? Get in contact with us using the form below.

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